ONE FALSE MOVE (1992) – Underrated film of the week


I’ll write about whatever motherfucking movies that I want to, if I want to comment on new releases, I will, if I don’t, I won’t, you don’t like it, its tough shit. Stop goading me into writing about bullshit I don’t want to, there’s fucking IMDB, Shortlist, Empire, etc. etc. etc. etc. Anyway…

Carl Franklin, who lovingly wrote 16 episodes of that great silliness The A-Team and also directed the superb Denzel Washington vehicle Devil In A Blue Dress (watch it bastards), exploded onto the screens in 1992 with this fantastic little low- budget crime flick that was supposed to be regimented to straight-to-video crapdom, but because its so good, it garnered a reputation via word-of-mouth and ended up sustaining itself a nice little theatrical release.

Pluto (Michael Beach) and Ray Malcolm (Billy Bob Thornton, sporting a horrific ponytail and quintessentially Southern dental work) are two wildly psychopathic and dangerous coke dealers who stage one of the downright nastiest and disturbing robberies I have ever seen. Pluto is taciturn, intellectual sonofabitch whilst Ray is impulsive, mad idiot sonofabitch. Despite drastic differences, they make a pretty damn good and convincing team


The respective third member of their outfit is Fantasia, an alluring and mysterious beauty who needs to get the hell into Star City, Arkansas, for reasons that I won’t spoil but are something to do with dimwitted, imperfect but ultimately loveable and root-worthy Sheriff Dale ‘Hurricane’ Dixon, played by the inimitable Bill Paxton


Dale is a bit of a stupid racist and hick, but its born from naivete rather than malice. He’s an altogether good guy who wants to get the job done and keep the bad pricks out of Star City, but his heroism complex is stifled a little bit by patronising asshole L.A.P.D detectives Cole & McFeely, who view Dale as a bit of a backwoods relic but need him to stop aforementioned nasty drug-dealing motherfuckers.


When shit kicks off in this film, its pretty nasty, buts it’s also an extremely well acted and paced, moving thriller, filled to the brim with introspection, superb dialogue, brilliant twists. It will most likely keep you awake at night (especially given the lurid violence of the opening) but its nonetheless a very thoughtful, outstanding and solid film. I can watch this one again and again, 9/10.

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